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The Biggest SIP project in China ^_^


Moganshan, a bamboo mountain outside Hangzhou, a second-tier city two hours from Shanghai. Just below the mountain’s peak was a tiny, 14-person farming village called Shanjiuwu, the future site of luxury resort Naked Retreats (now Naked Home Village).

New Housing System (SIP) To Get Shaken Up in Earthquake Test at Cincinnati Lab!

"Sustainable" House Holds Up Through Strongest Earthquakes in Live Test

0318_shaketestThe "sustainable" house design being studied by the FAS Housing Technology Project will stay intact even when it is shaken by forces larger than the strongest known earthquake. This was the result of a live shake table test held on January 19 at the Trentec laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Coming soon after the devastating December 26 tsunami that swept across South Asia, the successful test aroused wide interest in this new technology. The design has already been shown to be cost-effective and safe in fire and wind. It is also environmentally friendly because it uses no wood. FAS considers it could provide earthquake-resistant, energy-efficient housing at very low cost to millions living in seismically active regions such as Indonesia and Afghanistan. (FAS Public Interest Report, Fall 2004 p.10). Seismic Evaluation of SIPs.pdf







加拿大建筑材料中心 (CCMC) 给一个产品做评估的时候,提议其建筑者使用一种单骨柱结构保温板(SIP)系统,而不是现在用的这种传统的间距在400-600mm的多骨柱结构系统。现在越来越多的建设公司开始使用SIP结构系统,墙体、屋顶、以及地板等。