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Frequently Asked Question

1. How does the structural insulated panel design and fabri-cation process work?
A: The construction of a Sip home or commercial building begins with the con-struction documents Once the construction documents are in the hands of a sip manufacturer, they are converted to SIP shop drawings that give the dimensions of each individual panel. The shop drawings are reviewed by the builder, engineer, the building owner, and other involved parties. Once the shop drawings are finalized the SIPs are fabricated and shipped to the jobsite for installation.

2. How strong are structuralinsulated panels? Why SIPs are so strong to bear heavy load?
A: The structural characteristics of siPs are similar to that of a steel - Beam. the OSB skins act as the flange of the I-beam, while the rigid foam core provides the web. This design gives SIPs an advantage at handling in plane compressive loads SIPs can be engineered for most applications.

3. Does the house come with interior and exterior finished?Can I have a complete house with everything ready?
A: Besides the structure/ shell, we will try to provide as many as we can to save your cost and time. But other accessories and decoration materials are not made by us; there is no standard option or price. We can check the market according to your detailed requirements after the general agreement made on the structure/shell.

4. Do you have ce for your product?
A: For CE, we have checked with Intertek which is a professional lab: their staff confrmed as our product is not the final consuming products and the consumer cannot touch it. Our products have nothing to do with the safety issue. We have ex-ported many houses to the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine,Romania, Cyprus and so on, we never had problem with CE.

5. What's the ife time of your house?
A: The design life of our SIPs house is 70 years. For any light structure building system, the better maintenance you do, you longer life span you can expect.

6. Is your SIPs house termite proof?
A: There is a kind of SIPs made of fiber cement board facings, it's a good solution to termite problem. And we use steel as connector to houses made by such SIPs Then no wood inside termite cannot eat steel or fber cement.

7. What is the best heating system for a SIPS house?
A: Any conventional heating system can be used but should be downsized because SIPS houses are so energy effcient and airtight. Controls are important as heating demand can be low or negligible and overheating can occur. Ventilation should be designed into the SiPS house because it will not have the gaps and drafts present in many conventionally built houses.

8. What are the options for exterior?
A: Almost total choice from bricks, natural stone, brick slips, polymer and cement renders, timber cladding and metal cladding.

9. Does your prefab house can fulfill our building code?
A: Basically we follow the Canadian building standard, however, we can make house by custom requirements.For building code, it's different from country to country, the customers need to check with their local council and get the permission, and we will provide full support.

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