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Building a successful business in the construction industry requires reliable partners who can provide efficient and high-quality solutions. Quacent is a leader in the field, offering innovative building systems that are tailored to the needs of each client. In this article, we explore the benefits of partnering with Quacent and how our solutions can help streamline your building process, maximize your results, and enhance your reputation.

Quacent Prefab Soloutions

If you're seeking a more efficient and effective way to construct top-quality structures, Quacent can provide the solution you're looking for. We want to partner with you to help you deliver homes and commercial projects that your clients will adore. Our building product is easy to use, structurally superior, and highly energy efficient. We understand how crucial it is to help you maintain your customers' trust and satisfaction, which is why we provide a proven solution.

At Quacent, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality materials for your projects. Our range of structural insulated panels (SIPs), light gauge steel frames (C90, C140, 2’’ Truss), wooden trusses (4M in height), glulam (up to 200mm in width, 12M in length), windows (thermal brake aluminum & N. American PVC), stone coated metal tiles, and solar tiles (metal base) are all designed to meet the needs of your project. We are committed to providing reliable and durable materials that will last for years to come. Whether you need materials for a residential villa, low rise house, tiny house, mobile house, bathroom pod, resort house, garden house, granny flat, small-medium commercial building, or small-medium warehouse (2000 s.m. or less. ), you can trust in the quality of Quacent.

Building Code Compliance and Excellence

Quacent is committed to ensuring that all of its buildings meet and surpass building codes. Our team of engineers ensures that every building, whether it's a small ADU or a large commercial structure, complies with building codes. We offer a wide variety of building systems that meet the required R-values for energy codes, and our experts can help you select the right products to qualify for energy programs that provide various benefits to both you and your clients. By comparing our range of products, you can determine the ideal R-value for your project. Trust Quacent to provide the assistance you require to comply with building codes and achieve success in your projects.

Professional Design Solutions

At Quacent, we boast a team of 3 experienced architects and 7 structural engineers/detailers who are well-versed in the latest design software and hardware. Our services encompass comprehensive plans, architectural design, structural engineering, plan optimization, and expert consultancy services. Our commitment to delivering high-quality results that precisely meet your requirements is unwavering. We work tirelessly to determine the best solutions for your project.

Time is critical

Many builders in the residential and commercial sectors prioritize the speed of construction when using prefab systems. According to research conducted by RS Means on behalf of BASF, Quacent's method can reduce framing labor by up to 55%. This is possible because Quacent constructs prefab homes in quality-controlled factories before transporting them to the construction site. The materials arrive ready-to-assemble, including all components, reserved electrical chases and slots, and window and door bucks. Quacent's RTA prefab system is the most comprehensive in the industry. In addition, using prefab shells reduces the need for skilled framers, which is particularly advantageous for large-scale construction projects like residential subdivisions. This approach shortens the time required to complete the dry-in process and move on to the next unit.

Deliver greater value to your clients

Ways in which Quacent can assist you in delivering greater value to your clients:

  • Reduce Energy Costs for Clients

If your clients are interested in energy-efficient homes that can provide long-term savings, Quacent's prefabricated structures are an ideal solution. Our structures are designed to address energy loss through convection and conduction, resulting in a highly efficient building envelope that lowers energy bills for your clients.

  • Boost Property Resale Value with Quacent Building System

Quacent structures are engineered to exceed building codes and maintain energy efficiency over time, making them a valuable investment for your clients. Choosing Quacent's SIP structures can help increase the resale value of their property.

  • Create a Comfortable Living Environment

Our structures feature an airtight building envelope that maintains consistent interior temperatures and eliminates drafts, ensuring your clients enjoy a comfortable living environment.

  • Speed up Construction Times

Our proven prefabricated panel system can speed up your construction timelines by up to 55%, allowing you to complete projects faster than your competitors and meet tight deadlines. By selecting Quacent's Insulspan, you can provide your clients with quality, value, and efficiency.

Quacent Partner Meeting


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