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Eco Temple Building





Quacent Successfully Completed a Challenging Temple Project in Zaxiciling, Ganzi County, Sichuan Province

Quacent is proud to have successfully completed a temple project located in Zaxiciling, Ganzi County, Sichuan Province. The project presented numerous challenges, including the remote location, harsh winter conditions, and limited construction time due to short summers. Transportation of materials to the site was difficult, adding to the complexity of the project.

To overcome these challenges, Quacent utilized a mixed structure of SIP wall panels and light gauge steel trusses for the roof. The SIP wall panels provided superior insulation, while the light gauge steel trusses provided excellent support for the roof. These innovative construction techniques allowed us to complete the project on time despite the challenging environment.

Our team of experts at Quacent was committed to providing a high-quality result for our client. We overcame the many obstacles presented by this project through careful planning, strategic material sourcing, and excellent construction techniques. The final result was a stunning temple that met our client's expectations and left them completely satisfied.

Quacent's dedication to quality, expertise in construction techniques, and innovative problem-solving ability set us apart from other construction companies. We are proud to have completed this challenging project and look forward to future opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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