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SIP - Comfort and Health 

Comfort and Health Life

Constructing buildings with Quacent® Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provides a significant advantage of creating air-tight building envelopes. An air-tight building envelope ensures a healthier indoor environment and increased comfort for occupants.

Building with Quacent SIPs and creating airtight building envelopes can improve comfort in various ways. Firstly, the higher R-value achieved with SIPs means less heat loss compared to traditional batt insulation and stick-built construction. This results in less leakage of conditioned air, helping to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the building, and ultimately increasing occupant comfort.

In addition, SIP building envelopes perform well in blocking and absorbing sound, including high-frequency noises that can affect one's quality of life. With Quacent SIPs, the airtight building envelope creates a soundproof barrier, resulting in quieter spaces that can serve as a sanctuary for building occupants.

By minimizing or eliminating incoming unfiltered air, SIPs create a healthier interior environment. Quacent SIPs are manufactured using expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation and oriented strand board (OSB) that meets the strictest standards for indoor air quality in Canada and the United States. Unlike other types of insulation, the EPS insulation used in Quacent SIPs does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can adversely affect the health of an occupant.

In fact, the EPS insulation used in our SIPs actually eliminates HCFCs and HFCs. Additionally, SIPs can reduce mold growth by eliminating the cavity in which moisture could condense, and the EPS insulation does not promote the growth of bacteria. With the combination of the air-tightness of Quacent SIPs and a properly-sized HVAC system, many contaminants, toxins, and allergens are filtered out of the building, making it healthier from the inside out.

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