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Top Energy B Series

Metal Seam Roof - Solution

"Top Energy" B Series product comes in two types: solar panels that are adhesively bonded to the substrate, and those fixed with clamps. The adhesively bonded tile covers an area of 0.4 square meters, with a power output of 75 watts. The clamped tile employs dedicated clamps and can use standard photovoltaic panels. The B Series installation and related accessories use the relevant processes for vertical lock-edge metal tiles. The photovoltaic tile is installed facing the sun, with ordinary tiles easily replaced.

The B Series building-integrated photovoltaic tile is recommended for installation on the roofs of residential and commercial buildings that have a simple, minimalist style and a slope greater than 5 degrees, such as villas, residences, office buildings, and hotels. It is easy to install, waterproof, wind-resistant, safe, efficient, elegant, and cost-effective.


Output Power: 75W Tile

Dimension: 1400mm X 420mm

Coverage Dimension: 1260mm X 380mm Photovoltaic Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

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