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SIP Construction

SIP Construction: Faster, More Efficient Building with Quacent’s ready-to-assemble (RTA) SIP system offers residential and commercial builders a competitive advantage over traditional stick frame construction. Our SIP system allows for faster framing times, less job site waste, and less dependence on traditional framing crews.

The Quacent® SIP system speeds up construction time by using straighter, truer panels that are quicker to install than traditional stick framing. This faster assembly means that building with SIPs is less impacted by weather conditions. In fact, using SIPs can reduce the time needed to reach the dry-in phase by up to 50%.

Quacent’s ready-to-assemble SIPs also eliminate the need for on-site calculations and cutting. This reduces the chances of errors and delays on your project. Precisely cut in a controlled manufacturing environment, your Quacent SIPs will match your blueprint specifications exactly. This ensures that the panels arrive at your job site as a complete, ready-to-assemble building system.

Quacent Sip Project

The demand for prefabricated building methods is increasing and Quacent SIPs provide an excellent solution for prefabricated buildings. Our SIP system combines framing and insulation into a single step, reducing the need for two separate subcontractors for installation. Furthermore, we can pre-cut wire chases for electrical during the manufacturing process, ensuring standard heights for outlets and switches as well as specific locations indicated in the construction drawings.

In addition, our ready-to-assemble package includes pre-cut lumber for panel-to-panel connections and window and door bucks, wherever possible. We also provide all necessary materials for panel installation, including sealant, tape, foam, fasteners, and building wrap. This streamlines the installation process and reduces on-site labor costs. With Quacent SIPs, you can enjoy the benefits of prefabrication without sacrificing quality or design flexibility.

Benefits of Using SIPs on Job Sites Quacent’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide numerous advantages to increase efficiency and accuracy at your job site. Our ready-to-assemble (RTA) package allows for immediate construction start once the SIPs are delivered, utilizing our high-quality shop drawings and installation guide.

Using SIPs also reduces dependence on framing crews, which lowers labor costs and reduces idle time waiting for materials or a supervisor. A study conducted by RS Means for BASF found that using SIPs can decrease framing labor needs by up to 55%.

Prefabricated SIPs significantly reduce job site waste, with material utilization rates as high as 93% according to a BASF study. SIPs are manufactured off-site and delivered to the job site ready to assemble, which also minimizes job site material walk-off and theft.

Building with Quacent SIPs also means timely delivery, with our strong relationships with logistics companies and coordination with your construction process. Additionally, we offer builders and architects extensive technical resources, including product and technical details, construction assembly details, online instructional videos, on-site technical advisors.

Quacent Sip Project
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