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Ready-to-assemble (RTA) SIP system

The Quacent® Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) System is a complete building solution that offers a ready-to-assemble (RTA) package to homeowners, builders, architects, and timber framers. This system provides a significant advantage over traditional stick frame construction by reducing construction time and improving efficiency. With Quacent's RTA process, every step of the construction process, from start to finish, is streamlined for maximum effectiveness.

Quacent's design team begins the SIP construction process with precise drawings using CAD tools. These detailed drawings include ridge and purlin details, deck connections, panel configurations, insulated header and lumber details, joint tape details, sealant and fastener details, and panel connections. We work to optimize the panel package for your building during the design process to ensure optimal panel usage and ease of construction. Our detailed construction drawings, along with the Quacent Installation Guide, are included with the SIP package and delivered to your job site.

We take quality control seriously at Quacent, which is why we employ a rigorous quality assurance program at our manufacturing facility. This includes regular inspections and testing to ensure that our panels and lumber components meet or exceed industry standards.

All of our manufacturing processes are designed to ensure that your SIPs are produced with precision and accuracy. Our computerized cutting and assembly processes, combined with our skilled technicians, result in panels that fit together perfectly and are easy to install.

Once the panels and lumber components are completed, they are carefully packaged and shipped to your job site. Our detailed installation guide and construction drawings accompany the shipment, ensuring that your construction crew has all the information they need to quickly and efficiently install your SIPs.

Are you wondering about the placement of electrical wire chases in your panels? Quacent's custom panels come with pre-drilled wire chases at 14" and 48" above the floor and 6" from door openings on both sides. If you require additional chase locations, simply let us know during the design phase and we will include them in the panel manufacturing process. We can customize the location of the wire chases to fit your specific needs, such as ceiling fans, ceiling lights or chandeliers, wall sconces, and vanity height outlets in bathrooms.

Do you need additional roof support for your SIP construction project? Quacent offers architectural-grade glulam beams for ridge, hip, valley, and purlins to provide extra support where necessary. If your roof design requires glulam beams, our design team will work with you to develop a customized roof support system. Simply ask your sales representative to include this option in your quote. With Quacent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof will have the structural support it needs.

When you order the Quacent RTA SIP package, it will be delivered to your job site according to your construction schedule. The panels are prepped for sub-trades, meaning that they have already been labeled, fitted with lumber, and have wire chases cut. In addition, detailed construction drawings are provided to show the location of each panel based on its number and letter. All you need to do is follow the drawings and assemble the panels in the correct order.

When you receive the Quacent RTA SIP package, it will be ready for installation based on your construction schedule. The panels are already pre-cut and labeled, with lumber installed and wire chases cut (Optional). You will also receive detailed construction drawings that show you the exact location of each panel based on its label. Simply follow the drawings to assemble the panels in the correct order.

If you are not familiar with SIP installation, Quacent can provide a technical advisor to assist you. This advisor will guide you through the installation process. 

The Quacent Ready-To-Assemble SIP building system provides all the necessary materials to complete your building's SIP envelope. This includes cut-to-size panels with all edge reliefs and lumber components pre-installed at window and door openings, corner and structural spline connections. Any lumber components that cannot be installed during panel manufacturing are provided trimmed and ready for installation. To facilitate safe movement of the panels, lifting plates (Optional) are also provided. Fasteners tested for sheer strength are included based on the thickness of your panel package. During installation, a sealant is provided to be used at all connection points to prevent air infiltration. A high expansion foam is also provided to fill any joints to completely seal the building's thermal envelope. To prevent air and moisture movement, panel joint tape is included for use as a secondary barrier at wall and wall-to-roof seams, and joint tape is provided for use at ridge and beam connections. Finally, building wrap is included to protect the OSB from moisture that may penetrate the exterior cladding.


Benefits Of Quacent’s Ready-To-Assemble SIP Package:

  • Detailed assembly drawings and complete design documentation ensure accuracy.

  • Prefabricated panels result in faster construction speeds

  • Quality manufacturing in controlled environments ensures high standards.

  • On-site assembly is easy and straightforward.

  • The complete materials package includes all necessary components for SIP envelope installation.

  • Framing and insulation labor costs are reduced

Quacent Sample ShopDrawings

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